• Paint Less Dent Repair

    Paint Less Dent Repair

    Just think of this scenario.  You take a leisurely trip to the supermarket.  You park your car and walk into the store.  You exit the store with your groceries, look up, and you see that your car door was dented by one of the shopping carts.  WHAT?!
    So, now what do you do?  Try to ignore it and leave the dent there, or take it to a paint less dent repair specialist?

    Paintless Dent Repair
    Paint less dent repair is a quick and affordable solution to this problem.  On average, paint less dent repair costs roughly, $100 depending on the side of the dent.  It can also be completed while you wait.  There are many independent repair shops that will fix this ongoing problem, but our friends over at annearundelmobiledentrepair.com have a network of repair specialists that will take care professional care of you the right way the first time.
    Fun fact:  mobile dent repair was invented by Oskar Flaig in February 1960 during the “International Motor Sports Show” in New York City.  He was in charge of making sure the cars at the car shows were clean and dent free.  He would use a hammer handle to push out the dent.  He was prepared to use touch up paint to complete the process, but to his surprise, the paint was still in tact!
    This process has come a long way since then, where dent removal specialists use more modern methods to remove the dents from automobiles.  The premise is the same, though.  You love your car, so you want it to stay as nice as possible.
    Since then car owners have been getting their mobile dents repaired.  Annearundelmobiledentrepair.com has said that they have seen dents caused by hail, car doors hitting your car, baseball dings, and my shopping cart example among others.
    go to annearundelmobiledentrepair.com and find a paint less mobile dent repair specialist now!

  • Jason Aldean Tour Dates and Concert Tickets

    Jason Aldean takes home the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year. Find tickets to see one of Jason’s amazing 2016 concerts at TicketFounder!

    Music Jason Aldean Concert tickets


    With six albums under his belt, Jason Aldean has been cranking out hits since his first release, Hicktown, came out in 2005.  That was the first single from the album Jason Aldean, which produced two top ten hits on the Country charts.  He won Top New Male Vocalist at the 2006 ACM Awards, and Aldean has not slowed down since!
    Jason Aldean will hit the road early and often in 2016.  The Australian leg of his tour kicks off March 8th in Melbourne.  Before that, Aldean will be touring the United States starting January 14th.  He will play dates until the end of February.
    After he returns from the land of down under, Aldean will be back at it with more US dates starting April 29th.
    You can find all of the Jason Aldean tour dates and concert tickets at Ticketfounder.com.  Whether you are in the Midwest, the Northeast, or in the South, grab your tickets for Jason Aldean as he kicks off the new year in a city near you.
    In may, Aldean will be a part of the Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge.  He will be performing with some of the biggest stars of Country Music, including Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum and Dierks Bentley, among others.
    The Superfest will roll into the Buckeye state, stopping in Columbus for a pair of dates in June.
    If that’s not enough, those of you in Wisconsin will be treated to Country Jam USA near the end of July.  And finally, Aldean will be a part of the 2016 Mountain Home Country Music Festival.  This is a three day event, so be sure not to miss it!
    This is your chance to see Jason Aldean up close and personal, so grab your tickets and get ready to see the show!

  • The Ness GSM Dialler and Monitoring Your Alarm System with the NBN

    Alarm Monitoring and the NBN

    With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) well underway, standard copper PSTN phone lines are gradually being phased out across the country. The elimination of these phone lines causes a potential problem for those who have their alarm system monitored, as not all alarm systems are compatible — especially older ones — with the new NBN terminals. To solve this issue and avoid disruption to your monitoring service, we recommend looking into a GSM/GPRS unit, such as the Ness 3G GSM Dialler.
    Whilst traditional alarm monitoring has used phone lines to essentially dial out alarm events via a phone call, a GSM/ GPRS unit will allow you to bypass the phone line altogether, acting as a mobile phone for your alarm system to dial out on. For this we recommend the Ness GSM Dialler as it uses the 3G network via a standard sim card and works with any typical alarm panel that has a phone line input. Additionally, it costs about half the price of the Bosch alarm 3G plug-on modules.

    The Ness GSM Dialler Provides a Simple Solution

    The unit is easy to set up: insert a standard sim on a cheap plan, or pay-as-you-go; connect the antenna; plug the phone line in; then connect the power cable — it is essentially plug-n’-play, requiring no additional programming of the unit. The only programming required will be setting up domestic dialling/external monitoring with the alarm panel itself, which should already be set up if your system was previously monitored via your phone line.
    Other features of the Ness GSM 3G Dialler unit include a backup battery to allow continued monitoring for long after any power loss that occurs (up to 48 hours). Additionally, the antenna also comes with an extra-long cable to further extend the range of the unit, as well as allow the unit and antenna to be stored separately from one another. It is also compatible with the 2G network, where 3G is unavailable. The unit runs on a 12VDC power supply.
    So, there you have it. Whether you have a new home or old home, new alarm system or old alarm system, you don’t need to worry about whether your alarm system will be compatible with the NBN or not, because you can simply avoid the wired network altogether and jump straight onto the mobile network for alarm monitoring.
    Important note: If you do decide to go with a GSM/GPRS unit other than the Ness GSM Dialler recommended here, go for a 3G unit if possible, as the 2G network is scheduled to be closed by the end of next year (2016), so there’s no guarantee that 2G technology will still work on the newer 3G/4G networks.

  • Reno Family Dental Google Ranking

    Reno Family Dental Google Ranking

    If you are a dentist or an oral specialist in the Reno or Sparks Nevada area, do not let yourself stay behind the pack in Google rankings. Visit DV-news.com, as we can help you rank on the first page of Google. In this day and age if you have an online presence, it must rank highly in search. If you do not rank, the potential customer will not find you, and they will give your competitors their business.
    Dental professionals in Reno have an uphill climb, as there is a lot of competition for clients.  If you just have a regular website with no SEO, you will linger at the back of the line.  You must have authority and rank on the first page of search.
    We at DV-News are able to take your site and rank it so that you will have clients calling your business instead of the other guys.  Whether you are a Sparks, NV family dentist, or a Reno Nevada dentist, we will make sure you get as many customers as possible.
    We will take your site and modify it to make sure it is SEO friendly and add some off site SEO elements.  We will then create a campaign that will slowly move your site up in he rankings.
    You might be the best Reno dentist in town, but if you do not have a strong web presence, you will not be able to grow your business.  We have analyzed he top ten entries on the first page of Google search, and we know we can beat some of those entries, as they are mostly there by default.  We will give you a strong campaign and get you where you need to be.

    Contact us at www.DV-news.com today and find out what we can do for you.

  • Hi Tech Air Solutions

    Hi Tech Air Solutions Indoor Reactors

    Our friends over at HiTech Air Solutions showed us this really great product!

    If you are looking for a Hi Tech air solution to get rid of pollutants in your home or office, look no further than the HiTech Air Solutions indoor reactor.

    With three models plus a custom option, the Hi-Tech Air Solutions reactor will eradicate all of the air borne toxins that are flying through the air.

    There are many reasons why you may have poor air quality in your home. Poor air quality can contribute to asthma, nasal congestion, nausea, fatigue and headaches. People who already suffer from infections are at greater risk.

    There are an estimated 40 million people in the United States who are affected by allergies. The prevalence of pediatric asthma has increased by 72%, making asthma the sixth ranking chronic illness in the nation, and the leading serious chronic sickness for children.

    What other pollutants can cause respiratory issues? Molds, pollen, and even animal dander can cause allergic symptoms. This can cause many undesirable consequences, such as, missing work, school or important life events.

    The Hi-Tech Air Solutions air reactor will eliminate the causes for these respiratory issues. There are three models to choose from based on the size you need.

    The model 101 is the smallest unit, best for use in a 1600 sq. foot or less space. The model 120 is designed for residential and commercial use for a space up to 2000 sq. feet. The model 110 is the largest unit, for spaces up to 5000 sq. feet. All three models are made of stainless steel/hospital grade and the two larger models are on wheels for easy movement.

    A trip around the web will offer numerous testimonials for this product, demonstrating how well it performs under various climates and circumstances.

    See some of the happy customers here:

    If you suffer from any of these ailments, and feel you need cleaner air in your home or office, get your Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactor today!!

  • Black Gold Health Products Black Seed Oil

    Black Gold Health Products Black Seed Oil



    The black seed has a long history as a beneficial herb. For over three thousand years, people have used the black seed to cure numerous ailments to maintain and improve general health.

    While use of the black seed traces back to ancient Egypt, it was not until 1959 when doctors were able to extract the active principle of black seed oil. They called it Nigellone, and after testing it on animals, they found that it has no toxic or harmful effect.

    After years of testing, doctors found that black seed oil can be used for the treatment of all diseases caused by a deficiency of the immune system.

    Black seed oil is produced by pressing the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant. The seeds are also known as black cumin. The nutrient-rich oil of black seed has been used for hundreds of years in the Middle East and South Asia as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments.

    Black seed oil is an effective anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory remedy. Because of the black seed oil benefits, it is often used to fight infections and strengthen the immune system, which is suitable for treating headaches, toothaches, nasal congestion, colds, digestive problems, allergies and diabetes.


    You can now get this natural medicine from Black Gold Health Products.   All products come from cold pressed black seed cumin oil. At www.blackgoldhp.co.uk/ you can choose the Capsules, the Black Gold Oil, or the Black Gold Protectant Balm.

    When taken as a daily supplement, the Black Gold capsules promote a healthy immune system, while giving you a rich source of essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of cells. This is also a convenient way to take Black Seed without the distinctive taste of the oil.

    Black Gold Protectant Balm is suitable for all skin types and can be directly applied to the skin for joint pain, headache and certain skin conditions.

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    We here at wikigadget.info are here to give you the scoop on the latest technology and entertainment, and how they mesh together.  We will review the technology as it pertains to entertainment.  We will feature DJ hardware and software, as well as the DJ’s themselves.  WE will also review other hardware items like computers, flash drives and other fun technology.  Check back often as we will try to keep you up to date!!